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Because we’re better together…

Straight Pin Sessions is a purpose driven community of creative individuals who empower each other and are eager to learn, share and grow in a supportive environment.

We are a locally based group in Los Angeles, CA.

Beauty is an inside job. And it’s essential to care for all facets of who you are. If you believe:

  • Happiness is success
  • In being purpose driven
  • In cultivating creativity
  • In creating deeper connections
  • In caring for your whole self
  • In living a life of ease + clarity

…you belong here.

You are more than your shears and brushes. If you are an artistic soul looking to thrive in the beauty business and connect with like-minded creative professionals this is the place for you. Welcome.

Events include speakers, artists and workshops on:

  • Life enrichment
  • Cultivating creativity
  • Reducing stress on your body and mind
  • Caring for the creative soul
  • Professional development
  • Social media/branding

We also focus on connecting each other through:

  • Purpose driven social gatherings
  • Mastermind groups
  • Mentors
  • Webinars
  • Social platforms

Upcoming events:

Sunday March 4th  6:00 p.m.

Crownworks: A Conversation with Andi Scarbrough

Hair is treated as culturally and spiritulaly significant with ritual and ceremony world wide. In Western practice, however, it has become something else we squeeze into a lunch hour-- as much of a chore as an oil change. For many people, it is the one small semi-regular act of self-care they may practice.  As one of the only professions that touches other humans without gloves, we often forget the impact that can have, and the unspoken energies at play while this exchange is taking place. The purpose of this gathering is to create awareness and empower stylists with tools and understanding of how energy work WORKS in a salon setting. We will talk theory, tools, and practices that will empower you and your salon guests. This is a conversation about how we can serve beyond the service. 

  • Are you feeling keenly aware that there is a opportunity for deep transformation available that goes way beyond a color/cut? 
  • Are you feeling a little energetically spent behind the chair? Like, TAPPED OUT at the end of the day and don’t know why?
  • Has the glint of a CrystalComb caught your eye and you want to know what in the WORLD you do with a tool like that? 
  • Are you ready to incorporate holistic modalities into your existing salon business and don’t know where to start?




Andi Scarbrough

More than 15 years ago, I began a passionate romance with my industry, 10 years of which has been spent in industry education. I discovered there was a specific stream of conversation I found myself having both in the classroom and the salon, and it had way more to do with the humans BEING in our chairs than the techniques we were practicing on them. One thing became evident as a through line from the classrooms I facilitated to my own experiences behind the chair: There is WAY more happening here than just a haircut. 
In 2007, I first began practicing Reiki, ebbing and flowing on my own spiritual journey, I studied different aspects of my Christian roots, as well many other faiths, including Shamanism and Pagan ritual. In 2015, I enrolled in the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program. This lead me down a sometimes surprising road to additional courses of study including dream interpretation, intuitive mentorship programs, a certification in ministry, life coaching, and practice of native rituals; a list which continues to expand. These years of learning and self-exploration have served to both illuminate and reconcile what seemed like unrelated areas of interest into an aligned journey. 
These recent years have pushed my work to an even deeper, more expansive love of the beauty industry. Realizing the the full potential of the intentional connections we experience every day led me to curate highly specialized offerings to share with my clients and colleagues. With CrownWorks, an opportunity arises to give space to the emotional and spiritual needs of clients, bringing meaning and ceremony back into their beauty rituals. 

Lisa Botts

The idea maker behind Straight Pin Sessions. Lisa has over 30 years in the beauty industry. Her multi-faceted career started in cosmetology school from there she went on to become a make-up artist in TV and film. And then created the teaching curriculums at the most prestigious make-up schools in the world, including Vidal Sassoon, Fred Segal Beauty and Paul Mitchell. She managed marketing programs for Dermalogica and has done education and events marketing and business development for a major hair care manufacturer. Lisa co-founded Straight Pin Studio, which offers hair essentials for professional stylists. She is a business and personal mentor focusing on helping people create their most joyous and fulfilled lives.


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